The magic road – 3

Cardistry.. not much new here, I decided to just keep focused on the same set of moves until I feel i really have them much smoother, I practice them less I find as I get more into magic. But these still remain a large focus:

  • Pressure Fan, Under Pressure (Dan and Dave)
  • I continue to struggle with the thumb cut… left hand is starting to get it with half the deck, right hand is pretty bad.
  • Dribble force is coming along. I like the idea that the dribble will lead into Victoria (Zach Mueller)
  • Squeeze Cut by The Virts – Promo Vid , tutorial available on their site… it really works on the scissor and revolution basic cuts, and puts them together nicely, great finger stretch cut, I think it’s a solid choice for a beginer.
  • Sybil Variants, Molecule Variants
  • Piano Cut – Extension of Basic Cuts


  • Aaron Fisher Pathways – I m really trying to work on the Pass as he teaches it, and I started to look at the palming classes. I think I will revisit some of the videos in the future, but I think I have managed to learn a lot so far, and I mix in with other teaching at this point. I am excited to spend the next few months really working on the pass, palms, and more.
  • Card College (Roberto Giobbi) – Book 1 & Book 2 , I have read a lot of the 2 books so far, neither one to completion, lately I find I jump around a bit to visit the topics I want to work on. I just ordered the Lighter books which have some self working routines, but as the sleights improve, the routines can improve also.
  • Overhand Shuffle is my primary focus, really trying to keep focused on getting the overhand controls and shuffles to be second nature. they are not yet.
  • Classic Palm… always working on this I suppose
  • 2 variants of coins across, 1 by David Roth, and 1 I am not sure, the guy at Abney’s magic shop showed it to me as a way to practice classic palms. Nice guy.
  • Cups and Balls – Really trying to learn the Mark Wilson routine, and then probably focus on the Bob white dvd next.

The magic road – 2



My main focus the past few days has been Cups & Balls, as well as some general handling for the balls, sponge, coins.

As always I practice cards, picked up a new trick I would like to now the source of, I only know it as the Interactive Flip.  It can be found here on youtube

More interesting in the comments, is the algorithm, which allows you to play with the trick, and explore different way so of presenting and being impromptu with it. Its a nice lesson in finding the principle behind a trick, more so than just another trick.

Quoted in the comments by “Amila Fernando“:

Nt = Total Number of Cards (Including 4-face up cards)

So, Nt = 4*n + 4′   ; n=1, 2, 3, 4…….n
Here 4’= 4 face up cards
First Flip-Down or Down Flip is a must
Then selection of cards for flipping (Sf) = 2 * K (k =1, 2, 3, ….n); divisibles of Nt and EVEN
For Example:
Nt = 20 +4′ = 24 cards
Sf = 2, 4 ,6, 8, 12 including first Flip-Down as a MUST
2 cards, 4 cards, 6 cards, 8 cards or 12 cards can be selected for Flip-DOWN
so, For Nt = 24+4′, Sf = 2, 4, 14, including First Flip-Down as a Must
so For Nt =28+4, Sf = 2, 4, 8, 16, including First Flip-Down as a Must
After first Flip-Down, any order or selection is possible either from 4 then to 2 or 8 then to 4 as per interest.
Everything goes in Binary Form, that is why you have to select 1 card, 2 card packets, 4 card packets, 6 or 8 card packets so if flipped whole binary number is reversed. Finally when divided into two piles one pile will have 0s and 1s so will the other one but when one pile is turned and put on the other 0s become 1s while tallying with the rest.
You can use an excel sheet for Nt= 4+4′ = 8 cards, and do flipping and jot it down on an excel and see the variation in binary form.
A less interesting to me, but possible to others comment was this one:
For a Deck of cards, the same thing can be done in a different combination. Take out all the Four kinds of ACES, KINGS and QUEENS (total number of cards 12 here) Then stick them face up in the rest of the 40 cards and follow the instructions of Mr. Mismagg Finally you get all the 12 cards face up. irrespective of 1, 2 and 4 card pack flipping.

The magic road – 1


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  • Pressure Fan, Under Pressure (Dan and Dave)
  • Keep working on thumb cut, hard for me
  • Dribble, Spring – Dribble focus for use in forces and controls
  • Squeeze Cut by The Virts – Promo Vid , tutorial available on their site
  • Sybil Variants, Molecule Variants
  • Piano Cut – Extension of Basic Cuts


  • Patter and Presentation on some of the card tricks I’ve learnt
  • Multiple Lift Variants, Classic Pass, Hermann Pass
  • Aaron Fisher Pathways
  • Card College (Roberto Giobbi) – Book 1 & Book 2
  • Overhand Shuffle is my primary focus, toss in some hindu on occasion
  • Testing and trying variants of F-Cuts
  • Classic Palm, French Drop, Some transferring/movement with the coin
  • 2 variants of coins across, 1 by David Roth, and 1 I am not sure, the guy at Abney’s magic shop showed it to me as a way to practice classic palms. Nice guy.

I have recently got into a few extras in my magic practice:

  • Sponge Balls – I am starting out with Jay Noblezada as well as some stuff in Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic
  • Cups and Balls – I find this one to be a great way to force me to sit and practice actual routine, series of moves, some misdirection, prop usage. I started out with the Fantasma Toy Kit, and the Bob White DVD … I think I need some better cups and balls 🙂

With regards to Cards, I do my best to stick to the Fisher Pathways plan, mainly because it is a plan, it flows very well with Card College, in the order of skills I believe, and handling. Card College introduces a lot of other things, as well as tricks in some order, I feel the 2 work very well together.  Both are money very well spent.  I will add that I started with the Big Blind Media projects by Liam Montier and I love them all, as I get through the books and Pathways, I find more value in the Projects DVD’s as my hands are controlling the cards and understanding the concepts better. Again, it’s just more resources and information to work with.

Coins are difficult, it takes a lot of time to simply feel comfortable with them. I do not yet. I try to stay patient.

Sponge Balls are fun. I find myself practicing them a bit more than coins lately, moves are similar, so i think it works well in my overall magic path. I like that sponge and Cups will work well together as well, i think the handling and routine building tie in nicely.

Working On…..


  • Pressure Fan
  • Dribble
  • Spring
  • Squeeze Cut by The Virts
  • Sybil Variants
  • Molecule Variants


  • Patter and Presentation on some of the card tricks I’ve learnt
  • Multiple LIft, 2 Variations, Erdnase Shift, Dingle Something….
  • Classic Pass
  • Overhand Shuffle, Hindu, Riffles
  • Some forces
  • Classic Palm, French Drop, Some transferring/movement with the coin

I learned about a potential out in some tricks, so I am going to practice that, to try to make using it a natural thing in case a trick goes bad and I lose their card.

Magic Learning

Magic is a big world…. and will require a lot of patience and dedication.

It is very simple to learn a few self working tricks, and show them off with little performance and presentation. I believe that is where most people start and end their exploration into magic. You can buy a gimmick or two or more, follow some instructions, and pull of a nice puzzle.

Sleight of hand starts to get much more complicated, even though the moves sound easy sometimes.

There are so many areas of magic, you start to find when you first crawl into this hobby/craft, the levels of distraction start to take over. Cards, Coins, Money, Props, Gimmicks, Gaffs, Sleight, Sponge, Levitation, Mentalism, Math, Comedy, etc… etc….

For me, I think I have found my interest in:

  • Cards
  • Coins
  • Sponge Balls
  • Everyday / Close up
  • Rope & Rings

Most of my time/effort so far is dedicated to Card Magic. Although I look into coins and sponge a bit as I go along.

As far as card magic goes, I think I am going to try and work my way through these

For coins:



Cardistry Plan



My path through Cardistry, while still just beginning….

First, take time to learn the basics and essentials. The fancy 2 handed and one handed stuff is very appealing, but unless you really get the essentials down smooth, the other stuff will never look good, and take significantly longer to learn.

Highly recommend starting here: Genesis – Andrei Jikh  , for the money you get much better value than trolling youtube as a beginner, you will learn better form, and with better quality video and teaching.

Some decent youtube channels:

Some categories:

  • Grips
  • One Handed Cuts
  • Fans
  • Two Handed Cuts
  • Twirling

Essential Moves:

One Handed Essentials:

  • Scissor Cut – (Cardistry)
  • Index Cut – (Cardistry)
  • One Handed Revolution – (Cardistry)
  • Revolution 2 – (Cardistry)
  • L-Cuts (Advanced) – (Cardistry)
  • Achiral (Advanced) – (Cardistry)


  • Thumb Fan – (Cardistry, Magic)
  • One Handed Fan – (Cardistry, Magic)
  • Pressure Fan (Requires spring) – (Cardistry)
    • Under Pressure
  • Giant Fan (Requires  the weave) – (Cardistry)

Two Handed Cuts:

Misc Moves:

  • Instant Replay
  • Card Pirouette – (Cardistry)
    • Paddidle
  • Deck Flip
  • Flicker – The Virts
  • Dribble
  • Faro Shuffle – (Cardistry, Magic)
  • Top Shot

Beginning of the road


, , , , ,

It started out as Cardistry, little did I know how long a commitment I was making before I could do anything interesting.  To fill the time, I found my way to some card magic, and then some other forms. Mainly the techniques of slieght of hand I suppose is where my interest lies so far.

  • Cards
  • Coins
  • Sponge
  • Rope
  • Rings
  • Rubber Bands

I figure the longer I spend in this world, that list will expand quite a bit.

For Cardistry

  • Genesis – Andrei Jikh , DVD, working on on first one, I will go to Genesis 2 eventually. Great DVD
  • The Virts – Wonderful tutorials for more than basic stuff
  • YouTube – Plethora of Cardistry Videos

As far as card magic goes, I think I am going to try and work my way through these

For coins: