It has been a long time since my last post, at least a few months.
I am still into magic as much as ever! I perform for people much more comfortable at this point and much more regularly.

My favorite magic community is still Conjuror Community
My favorite magic is still card magic.
My favorite performances so far are very impromptu, and kind of where I get to jazz and improvise with my spectators, for me so far, magic is all about helping out the mood, just entertaining. Getting some wonderful reactions that only get better the more I perform and practice and learn the nuances of the art that is magic.

I will try and post more regularly with some updates.  Very excited to have signed up for the 3M Miracle Man Method conference this summer, that magic course completely changed the way I looked at and performed magic, and I still learn from it, revisit the training. Great stuff. It is led/taught by the same great mind and teaching behind Pathways To Card Master, the wonderful Aaron Fisher, which means you know you will get each and every important detail and nuance