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  • Performing more regularly
  • Getting 2 or 3 tricks in more often instead of only 1
  • Move past my comfort zone

Those were a few of my recent magic goals, which for the most part I have been accomplishing. I stopped relying on some of my go to tricks, and introduced some new ones to the mix. I started getting a little more comfortable stringing different card tricks together into more powerful routines. Combine different effects and methods.

Generally I have followed my practiced routine, script… I find sometimes I feel “hot” and I am able to try something I might have practiced a little, but not focused on.
I continue with my main focus with regards to cards being that of the Pathway to Card Mastery , I have been going back to Card College (Roberto Giobbi) now and rereading volumes 1 and 2 to select tricks I want to work on now. So much makes so much more sense, and seems doable now.

This past month I bottom palmed a card 3 times. Once back to the deck. Once to my pocket. Once to a purse. All were very opportune moments, but I think the point is I saw those moments, I took them, captured them and took them home for the win.

I still firmly believe that Conjuror Community is the best money in magic right now. Aaron Fisher and all the other mentors in the group simply add up to a growing collection of content that is top notch, up to date, and will benefit anyone really.