I have come a long way since my last postings.  I have been spending most of my efforts on material from the Conjuror Community which dictates most of my learning path in magic. I have added a few side things, and influences that are helping me find my own identity in magic.

I have been making a real effort to try and perform more often, under more situations. For strangers, friends, co-workers. Trying to put longer sets and routines together, and trying to manage interest and attention for longer than a couple of minutes. It is not easy to maintain interest for say 10-15 or more minutes to do a 3 or 4 trick set. It’s nice that many of the tricks I am working on are multi-phase, so even with only 1 trick often there are a few magical moments, and pieces for me to practice and learn from.

Having just returned from a 2 week trip to New York, I tried to perform something pretty much every day. I also was lucky enough to attend a lecture by Michael Vincent which was great. Brilliant guy, wonderful teacher.

I just started an improvisation class which is likely to help me with regards to.. well.. performing. Ha, you were expecting something a little more enlightening there.

Got myself a logo and a brand now, to keep motivated, and line up a goal performance wise. So… welcome Jonathan the PhenoMinond!