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For this entry, I want to talk about a Magic Community I have been participating in for a little while, called the Conjuror Community  . It is a place where the focus is not really just about learning a trick, but it’s about learning to Succeed with magic. How to perform and understand a magical effect,  how to achieve greater reactions. The technique, psychology, and business of it all, coming together.

It is a community founded by Aaron Fisher, who is a special kind of teacher. One of those few greats who reach the top of their field but somehow is able to teach and convey things to the amateurs as well. A rare talent, special human.

Anyway, I can not say enough good things about this program. It is by far the best money I have spent since getting into magic. In a few short months, I learned more than I could have imagined.  It combines live web sessions, a community of members that session with each other, really well thought out lesson plans, guest presenters and events of all kinds.

For example, there is the wonderful Shawn Mullins who lets us in on his personal routines and thoughts on moving between tricks and methods.
Or Alexander Slemmer who teaches a lot of classics, and gives some real pro reviews on purchases worth making (and not worth making).
In the community we find stars like Jim Krenz who had his own penguin special, and many other really talented and knowledgeable members willing to share time and thoughts with you… with me… even as a novice.


In the past few months, I have really been able to start entertaining people and performing magic… different kinds, Impromptu. Cards, Coins, Sponge, Cups, a whole range of goodies. I have structure and plans in mind, and a direction I am taking. It has made every page in the magic books, and videos I watch much more attainable, understandable, and meaningful for me.

I genuinely believe that finding this community has saved years of my learning path.

As a side bonus, a lot of the members build real relationships and friendships. Can’t beat that!