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It’s been a little while, I was traveling, but I made some progress in some areas I think.


I spend time practicing a selection of Multiple Lifts, since I am in rush to perform, and I have not decided which I prefer and which fits me when.
The classic vernon with a break – Aaron Fisher Course, also in many books
Dr. Daley’s Instantaneous  – Stars of magic (I suggest looking on ebay for cheaper copies and reprints)
The dingle/krenzel/gordon? stud style – Complete works of Derek Dingle
The first is the only one I have done for people, and likely the only one I will do for a while, since I do not have the feel for the others on a consistent basis.

My classic pass and herman pass practice are starting to feel much better, in that my fingers have stretched to a point where I am much more comfortable with the moves and now working more on smoothing them out, and cleaning the details. I am still a long long way from trying them in any kind of performance. I believe my classic pass is actually coming along better than my Herman.



I found a few routines I really enjoy and I am going to start having some more focused practice sessions with. A couple of 3 coin routines. One is a table routine and the other in the hands or seated I believe, with vanishing, so I think even if it takes month to learn both well, the end result will be a nice 2 routine trick that can be modular as in one or both, either or and will work with any 3 coins. With plenty of sleight and misdirection practice. I am excited to have come across these routines. Previously I was only finding common 4 coin routines  based on the Roth stuff. Now, I think I am starting to come across some more modern magicians maybe with some different takes on older things.