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I wish I had started this path as a child, my hands would be so much more dextrous. Even after years of guitar and other hobbies, nothing really prepares the hands and fingers for Cards, Coins, etc… It’s all supposed to mimic natural, but everything about it is unnatural. Every so often, I must rest the hands, step away from the cards, practice different things, etc… hand health apparently.

I am really enjoying the Giobbi Light, Lighter book series, starting to really feel the idea of routines, and tying tricks together to mask methods. Some crazy head stuff when you really get into it. And the idea of an almost sure fire method for a trick, built into a routine with 2 or 3 tricks that build on each other is just great, the reactions from my spectators after the second trick or end of routine is just phenomenal. It sets a wonderful workspace to work on practicing False shuffles and Cuts all day long, the longer you casually toyed with the deck the more impressive the first trick will seem. Throw in a few (not too many) between each trick, and it starts to be very magical for certain.

In addition, it allows room to evolve patter when I don’t have to worry as much about the sleights, or process. For example, one routine, I am working on a thought where we will run some tests to see if the deck is our “Friend or Foe”. In the first trick, I prove the deck is my friend by finding a pair of selected cards lost in the deck. In the second trick I prove the deck is the spectators friend by allowing 2 people to prove their perfect intuition via the deck.  I did not like the 3rd trick in that particular routine, so I am looking for a replacement, but even those 2 by themselves (T.N.T , INTUITION) are very magical.