That moment when you pull out a stacked deck, and play with it for a while casually letting your friends know it’s a fair deck smile emoticon

After a while, of course, someone will say… so let’s see a trick…..

Sure, why not, let’s do a test and see if this deck is friend or foe…
you proceed into T.N.T, 2 participants, everyone floored… wow….
The deck at least proves to be my friend. Let’s try something else.

You take the 2 cards, and riffle them into the deck somewhere…
and you lead straight into INTUITION
2 more participants, and the deck… proves to be everyone’s friend.

Circle of people all amazed.

For those who want, these 2 tricks are taken in order as part of a routine in
Roberto Giobbi – Card College Light

If you are following this writing, then I assume you know some FS and FC moves you can do prior to the tricks as you play with the cards, this will aid in the overall effect for the spectators greatly.

If you throw in some between the 2 tricks, it’s even better.

The reaction I got at the end of INTUITION, after the entire mini routine, was simply amazing.

Card College Light is proving to be a wonderful book series to aid in what I have been up to, it teaches a bit about routines, combining tricks that will compliment each other, and advice on subtleties one can do during a routine. Self Workers that give you a wonderful opportunity to work on routine, patter, card control and basic sleights… by removing the sleight as a requirement for the trick, you are left with much more confidence and room to practice in front of people.