Cardistry.. not much new here, I decided to just keep focused on the same set of moves until I feel i really have them much smoother, I practice them less I find as I get more into magic. But these still remain a large focus:

  • Pressure Fan, Under Pressure (Dan and Dave)
  • I continue to struggle with the thumb cut… left hand is starting to get it with half the deck, right hand is pretty bad.
  • Dribble force is coming along. I like the idea that the dribble will lead into Victoria (Zach Mueller)
  • Squeeze Cut by The Virts – Promo Vid , tutorial available on their site… it really works on the scissor and revolution basic cuts, and puts them together nicely, great finger stretch cut, I think it’s a solid choice for a beginer.
  • Sybil Variants, Molecule Variants
  • Piano Cut – Extension of Basic Cuts


  • Aaron Fisher Pathways – I m really trying to work on the Pass as he teaches it, and I started to look at the palming classes. I think I will revisit some of the videos in the future, but I think I have managed to learn a lot so far, and I mix in with other teaching at this point. I am excited to spend the next few months really working on the pass, palms, and more.
  • Card College (Roberto Giobbi) – Book 1 & Book 2 , I have read a lot of the 2 books so far, neither one to completion, lately I find I jump around a bit to visit the topics I want to work on. I just ordered the Lighter books which have some self working routines, but as the sleights improve, the routines can improve also.
  • Overhand Shuffle is my primary focus, really trying to keep focused on getting the overhand controls and shuffles to be second nature. they are not yet.
  • Classic Palm… always working on this I suppose
  • 2 variants of coins across, 1 by David Roth, and 1 I am not sure, the guy at Abney’s magic shop showed it to me as a way to practice classic palms. Nice guy.
  • Cups and Balls – Really trying to learn the Mark Wilson routine, and then probably focus on the Bob white dvd next.