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  • Pressure Fan, Under Pressure (Dan and Dave)
  • Keep working on thumb cut, hard for me
  • Dribble, Spring – Dribble focus for use in forces and controls
  • Squeeze Cut by The Virts – Promo Vid , tutorial available on their site
  • Sybil Variants, Molecule Variants
  • Piano Cut – Extension of Basic Cuts


  • Patter and Presentation on some of the card tricks I’ve learnt
  • Multiple Lift Variants, Classic Pass, Hermann Pass
  • Aaron Fisher Pathways
  • Card College (Roberto Giobbi) – Book 1 & Book 2
  • Overhand Shuffle is my primary focus, toss in some hindu on occasion
  • Testing and trying variants of F-Cuts
  • Classic Palm, French Drop, Some transferring/movement with the coin
  • 2 variants of coins across, 1 by David Roth, and 1 I am not sure, the guy at Abney’s magic shop showed it to me as a way to practice classic palms. Nice guy.

I have recently got into a few extras in my magic practice:

  • Sponge Balls – I am starting out with Jay Noblezada as well as some stuff in Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic
  • Cups and Balls – I find this one to be a great way to force me to sit and practice actual routine, series of moves, some misdirection, prop usage. I started out with the Fantasma Toy Kit, and the Bob White DVD … I think I need some better cups and balls 🙂

With regards to Cards, I do my best to stick to the Fisher Pathways plan, mainly because it is a plan, it flows very well with Card College, in the order of skills I believe, and handling. Card College introduces a lot of other things, as well as tricks in some order, I feel the 2 work very well together.  Both are money very well spent.  I will add that I started with the Big Blind Media projects by Liam Montier and I love them all, as I get through the books and Pathways, I find more value in the Projects DVD’s as my hands are controlling the cards and understanding the concepts better. Again, it’s just more resources and information to work with.

Coins are difficult, it takes a lot of time to simply feel comfortable with them. I do not yet. I try to stay patient.

Sponge Balls are fun. I find myself practicing them a bit more than coins lately, moves are similar, so i think it works well in my overall magic path. I like that sponge and Cups will work well together as well, i think the handling and routine building tie in nicely.