My path through Cardistry, while still just beginning….

First, take time to learn the basics and essentials. The fancy 2 handed and one handed stuff is very appealing, but unless you really get the essentials down smooth, the other stuff will never look good, and take significantly longer to learn.

Highly recommend starting here: Genesis – Andrei Jikh  , for the money you get much better value than trolling youtube as a beginner, you will learn better form, and with better quality video and teaching.

Some decent youtube channels:

Some categories:

  • Grips
  • One Handed Cuts
  • Fans
  • Two Handed Cuts
  • Twirling

Essential Moves:

One Handed Essentials:

  • Scissor Cut – (Cardistry)
  • Index Cut – (Cardistry)
  • One Handed Revolution – (Cardistry)
  • Revolution 2 – (Cardistry)
  • L-Cuts (Advanced) – (Cardistry)
  • Achiral (Advanced) – (Cardistry)


  • Thumb Fan – (Cardistry, Magic)
  • One Handed Fan – (Cardistry, Magic)
  • Pressure Fan (Requires spring) – (Cardistry)
    • Under Pressure
  • Giant Fan (Requires  the weave) – (Cardistry)

Two Handed Cuts:

Misc Moves:

  • Instant Replay
  • Card Pirouette – (Cardistry)
    • Paddidle
  • Deck Flip
  • Flicker – The Virts
  • Dribble
  • Faro Shuffle – (Cardistry, Magic)
  • Top Shot