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It started out as Cardistry, little did I know how long a commitment I was making before I could do anything interesting.  To fill the time, I found my way to some card magic, and then some other forms. Mainly the techniques of slieght of hand I suppose is where my interest lies so far.

  • Cards
  • Coins
  • Sponge
  • Rope
  • Rings
  • Rubber Bands

I figure the longer I spend in this world, that list will expand quite a bit.

For Cardistry

  • Genesis – Andrei Jikh , DVD, working on on first one, I will go to Genesis 2 eventually. Great DVD
  • The Virts – Wonderful tutorials for more than basic stuff
  • YouTube – Plethora of Cardistry Videos

As far as card magic goes, I think I am going to try and work my way through these

For coins: